About Us

A Healthy Life creates A Happy Family

About Hillary Farm

PT. Hasindo Boga Indonesia (Hillary Farm) was established in 2013, our company is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our Vision Is to introduce and to deliver the health food and healthy lifestyle to many families in Indonesia, it’s our passion to build a healthy generation and Happy Family.

In Hillary Farm, we are committed to source and deliver the highest quality Natural Products and build enduring relationship with our customers. It’s not sales that we concern the most, but the relationship and satisfaction of our customers are our priorities.

We always appreciate a feedback from our customers. If there’s any comments or input, Please feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] or you can Whatsapp our Call Center at WA: +628158805084 / +6285921558612.

Our Story

We are passionate about raising awareness of health and hope that our products will not only make you Healthy but also help you to have A Happy Family.

It’s start with the passion of our founder, a parents who concern about their child’s health. As children in their young age are easily fall a sick. They searched for natural products to boost her child immune system which is honey, which works great to boost her child immune and health.

When friends and family began asking why their child is so healthy, and they told them it’s because their child consume honey. She realized that the power of the healthy life connection and the importance of beauty from the inside out.They began searching the best Honey and super foods in New Zealand, Thailand and others countries. They want to bring the best health products to many families in Indonesia as HILLARY FARM motto “ A Healthy Life -creates A Happy Family”.