“ A Healthy Life creates A Happy Family “

Hillary Farm motto is A Healthy Life creates A Happy Family, we believe that a healthy lifestyle is to maintain the healthiness of our family. Family is the most precious gift that we have ever had in this world. The healthy living means both physical and mental health are balance well together.

Hillary Farm play an important roles to guide families to live a healthy life, as our Vision to help many families to achieve healthy life and Happy Family. Let’s Cherish our family!!

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News Madu Clover Honey Indonesia Hillary Farm

Madu Clover Honey adalah madu dari tumbuhan clover plants yang tumbuh besar di New Zealand. Clover honey dihasilkan oleh Lebah nektar dari bunga Clover di dataran tinggi New Zealand. Salah satu tempat yang menjual madu clover honey adalah Hillary Farm.
News Madu Manuka Honey Terkenal di Indonesia

Manuka Honey adalah madu yang dihasilkan oleh lebah yang mengkonsumsi sari bunga Manuka(Leptospermum scoparium). Manuka tumbuh besar di New Zealand pada musim panas. Madu ini dipakai oleh suku Maori di New Zealand sebagai obat tradisional.